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Passion Distribution takes history around the world

10 June 2021 | Passion Distribution
Passion Distribution takes history around the world

London, Thursday 10th June 2021 - Passion Distribution has secured a raft of global sales for History and Documentary programming including NUREMBURG: THE NAZIS ON TRIAL (1 x 90’), THE GREAT PLAGUE (3 x 60’) and landmark series 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (6 x 120’ and 12 x 60’).

Documentary NUREMBURG: THE NAZIS ON TRIAL (1 x 90’), uses archive and recently recovered, newly digitised filmed material to follow the twists and turns of the most incredible war crimes trial the world has ever seen. SBS (Australia), HISTOIRE (France), DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), Channel 8 (Israel) and Viasat (CEE and Scandi) have acquired the film. The film was produced by Middlechild Productions for Channel 5.

Documentary series THE GREAT PLAGUE (3 x 60’) sheds new light on the infamous epidemic of 1665 and 1666 when The Great Plague claimed the lives of 1 in 4 London residents. With heart breaking human stories, brand new science and experimental history, Medic Dr. Xand van Tulleken, archaeologist Raksha Dave and journalist John Sergeant unpack the story of the plague. The series has been licensed to BBC Select (North America), SBS (Australia), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), Axess TV (Sweden), DR (Denmark) and Viasat (CEE and Scandi). Produced by Voltage TV and Motion Content Group for Channel 5, the programme was the 4th most watched show on Channel 5 in 2020.

There have also been further sales from the landmark 1,000 YEARS OF HISTORY collection (which features episodes produced by Middlechild Productions, Lambent Productions and Raise The Roof Productions). Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (Pan Asia) has acquired CHINA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’ or 2 x 60’) and SBS Australia has acquired RUSSIA: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’0 or 2 x 60’) and SCOTLAND: 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (1 x 120’ or 2 x 60’. Aceonemedia (South Korea) has also acquired 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY (6 x 120’) as previously announced at ATF 2020. The series was commissioned by Channel 5.

Documentary STORMING THE CAPITAL: THE INSIDE STORY (1 x 45’) reveals what happened when the very heart of the United States government was stormed by Trump supporters, just as legislators were formalising the election of President Trump's successor, Joseph Biden. Discovery + (Europe plus India Territory), N-TV (Germany and German Speaking Austria and Switzerland), ORF (Austria), RTS (French speaking Switzerland) and TVN (Poland) have licensed the documentary. Produced by ITN Productions for ITV.

Documentary series FUTURE WARFARE (4 x 60’), produced by Wildbear Entertainment, uses expert interviews, file footage and cutting-edge CGI with original filming to look at the game changers in military capabilities that are resetting the character of current and future warfare and which will thrust our world into a new era. The series has been acquired by National Geographic Channel (Poland), Ananey Channels (Israel), AMC Networks Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia). Transmet (China and Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (Japan and Taiwan).

Also from producers Wildbear Entertainment, BEYOND OUR EARTH (6 x 60’) is a highly stylised exploration of our journey to conquer space and understand the very fabric of the cosmos. The series reveals how we were able to push human travel to its scientific limit by putting a man on the moon, and how Mars will have a place in humanity’s future as our next target. UR (Sweden), AMC Networks Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia), Kan (Israel), BBC Studios (Poland), Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (Japan) and Phoenix Television (SE Asia) have licensed the series.